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Still Enjoying the El Nino Effect!

 The bite goes on… Had another Great trip this last weekend, Yellows are still biting well and was able to get a few newbies on their first Yellowtails! Yo-Yo fishing for the first time! The crew is very helpful and willing to teach.
Good size Fish from 15#-25#. HEAVY Jigs were Needed at Times with the Fast Drift but on the other hand we were able to Find schools more toward the surface got quite a few on the Flyline Sardine with 1/2oz sliding Sinker. Always be prepared!
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Wanted to thank Team “Offshore Lifestyle” for the Gear!! check them out online at and Instagram offshorelifestyleclothing
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Next trip leaves Friday 3/25 at 7pm. Grab your favorite yo-yo Jigs and come on out with us! Call Point Loma Sportfishing @ 619 223-1627 or Book online :// **Full Schedule

Great Fishing Continues!

The good times continue on the Dominator as they had another fun trip fishing Punta Colnett this last weelend. 70 fat Yellows for the 21 anglers onboard plus a good variety of quality rockfish. Heavy line and heavy yo yo jigs was the ticket. As expected, the weather turn out to be just fine as it was a beautiful day at sea… Great fishing, Calm seas, awesome people = good times! Happy Birthday Shawn Keller!
We plan to keep the 1.5 Day early departure going every Friday night. Its been strictly yo yo fishing with couple caught on dropper loop. Drop down to the bottom for Lingcod, Reds and others. We’ll be on the lookout for tuna so always be ready for the opportunity.
Come join us for a quality experience. Call Point Loma Sportfishing 619 223-1627 or book online @…20160305_10211120160305_08572820160305_08490920160305_101126-1-120160305_11410220160305_08513320160305_08521620160305_074305-1

Off to a Great Start and Excited to see what Spring Brings

The Crew has been at it for the last few weekends scoring nice grade yellowtail from 15- 30lbs. Those who had heavier jigs have had better luck with the fast drift and the deeper fish. The bottom fishing has also been great for those who want the rock-fish verity with lots of huge Whitefish, Reds and Lings. We’ve had a good morning bite on the yellows and picked throughout the day. Scrambled egg has been best color also blue/white and flat falls.  Always bring a variety of sizes and prepare for all conditions. 40- 50lb line. Also had a little show with the Bluefin this last weekend. Couldn’t get them to bite but its only a matter of time!

We are planing on running 1.5 Day departing every Friday night at 7pm don’t be late as we will be traveling the distance to fish Punta Collnett. Call Point Loma Sportfishing 619 223-1627 to book now or book online @…

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Bloodydecks Sponsored 2 Day Trip

We had a few great trips over the weekend. Everything seemed to line up. We had Michelle from BD Outdoors on board with one of her friends and a bunch of bloodydecker’s.  Here is Michelles full write up regarding the trip Michelle’s Bloodydecks Report. We had a ultra light load for the BD 2 day. Most all were bloodydeckers and new how to deal with these fish when they wanted to bite. The first day was a little slow with fish all over us that did not really want to bite. We used threw everything we could at them for a plunker bite at best. We were in search of the big bluefin they had been catching up north. We packed up and headed down south overight into the 302 area. The fishing day 2 was great. We caught Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna and Yellowtail. The fish bit great. The tuna were a little smaller grade, but still very fun to catch. We cannot wait to have another one of these sponsored trips! Sunglasses from Hoven, Mad Huey’s gear and Mustad Gear. Everyone on the trip got some kind of prize.

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08-21 Yellowfin Fishing

San Diego Fishing Report:
We had an Ultra light load over the weekend, with a 2 day trip. Our trip started at the bait barge when one angler brought over a monster San dIego Bay halibut. Great way to start the trip! We started at greylight on our first day for a little slower fishing picking a way ont he yellowfin in the am. We had some slight mechanical issues with our generator that caused us to head in for repairs. Once back at the dock, we had replacement parts and we were back ont he water in a few hours. We fished up north for the larger grade yellowfin. These fish wanted to eat just about everything. Capt. Kerim and the boys deployed the kite for some larger model fish. Popper fishing was great to excellent as well. We loaded the boat with 100 Yellowfin for only 13 anglers. Even with the technical issues, we pulled off a great trip with some very happy customers. We have a Bloodydecks sponsored 2 day leaving Wednesday 8/26. BD is supplying numerous give-a-ways for anglers on board.

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