Bloodydecks Sponsored 2 Day Trip

We had a few great trips over the weekend. Everything seemed to line up. We had Michelle from BD Outdoors on board with one of her friends and a bunch of bloodydecker’s.  Here is Michelles full write up regarding the trip Michelle’s Bloodydecks Report. We had a ultra light load for the BD 2 day. Most all were bloodydeckers and new how to deal with these fish when they wanted to bite. The first day was a little slow with fish all over us that did not really want to bite. We used threw everything we could at them for a plunker bite at best. We were in search of the big bluefin they had been catching up north. We packed up and headed down south overight into the 302 area. The fishing day 2 was great. We caught Dorado, Yellowfin Tuna and Yellowtail. The fish bit great. The tuna were a little smaller grade, but still very fun to catch. We cannot wait to have another one of these sponsored trips! Sunglasses from Hoven, Mad Huey’s gear and Mustad Gear. Everyone on the trip got some kind of prize.

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