08-21 Yellowfin Fishing

San Diego Fishing Report:
We had an Ultra light load over the weekend, with a 2 day trip. Our trip started at the bait barge when one angler brought over a monster San dIego Bay halibut. Great way to start the trip! We started at greylight on our first day for a little slower fishing picking a way ont he yellowfin in the am. We had some slight mechanical issues with our generator that caused us to head in for repairs. Once back at the dock, we had replacement parts and we were back ont he water in a few hours. We fished up north for the larger grade yellowfin. These fish wanted to eat just about everything. Capt. Kerim and the boys deployed the kite for some larger model fish. Popper fishing was great to excellent as well. We loaded the boat with 100 Yellowfin for only 13 anglers. Even with the technical issues, we pulled off a great trip with some very happy customers. We have a Bloodydecks sponsored 2 day leaving Wednesday 8/26. BD is supplying numerous give-a-ways for anglers on board.

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