Dominator Sportfishing is BACK!

As most loyal Dominator fans know, the Dominator was struck last June by the Shogun and has been down ever since. Owners Frank and Anthony D’Anna have been hard at work trying to get the Dominator back up and running before another epic tuna season. Dominator Sportfihing will be back this summer and better than ever.

The Dominator is getting an entire makeover including a new galley. The new galley has an all new kitchen with a completley different layout. Hardwood flooring has been added for a touch of comfort and class as well. The boat itself has been completley re-inforced by the Marine Group and is ready to be put in the water for finishing touches and final inspection. We will be posting photos of progress soon. Right now the boat looks like plastic and fiberglass dust. Stay tuned and call to book your charters for this coming season!